Are you moving soon? Here's a few easy tips to help! 

- When moving clothes on hangers, wrap a trash bag around them 

- Before you pack a box, use a box cutter and cut a triangle into 2 sides to make handles for easier lifting

- If you are moving a plastic drawer cabinet, wrap saran wrap about the entire cabinet so the drawers stay closed

- When packing plates, after wrapping in paper, vertically pack them into the box. They are less likely to break 

- Use different colored Duct tape to categorize which room the box goes in

- When taking apart furniture, put the screws into a zip lock and tape them to the larger item you took apart. 

- If you are packing bottles with liquid, place a small piece of saran wrap over the opening and then close the lid to prevent leaks 

Credit: Nifty by Buzzfeed