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March 15, 2022

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Sept. 5, 2020

Get Your Handyman and Handywoman On

Do you get a little nervous and look to the pros even though you think the job could be done yourself? Well, save yourself the money and learn some new skills! We aren't suggesting you re-wire your whole house...there are fantastic pros for that! However, these 10 Home Repairs are things every homeowner could be doing themselves. Go again, see what you are capable of! 

Click for full article from Family HandyMan


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Sept. 3, 2020

Final Walk-Through

Now that you have worked so hard at getting an offer accepted, your finances are all in order and you are days from closing, you need to do a final walk-through. Throughout the 2 weeks or even 2 months of time that you have been working toward your closing date, anything could have happened at your soon-to-be-new-home. This is not a step to skip and it is important that you take your trusted Realtor® along with you. 

Read below to see the tips we found in this article from Yahoo!News. 


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Aug. 31, 2020

Tips to Getting Your Offer Accepted

Making offers—and getting them accepted—is often as much about art as math. If you are a buyer in this market, you may have come across a few deals you didn't win and you had to keep moving. No one tip on this list is applicable to every situation but we know creativity is key to getting you your home. Having an experienced Realtor® with you can make all the difference in the world. Do you have an agent working this hard for you and strategizing with you? Or are you out there without a Realtor®? 

CLICK to read full article from Bigger Pockets 



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Aug. 20, 2020

The Buyer and Seller Process

This article was a great read. It lays out plainly the buying and the selling process in today's market. The Treasure Valley is an extremely attractive market and having a Real Estate Professional by your side on each side of a transaction is key. 

The Guide to Making and Accepting an Offer on a Home

article provided by REALESTATE.USNEWS.COM


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Aug. 13, 2020

Navigating the COVID Real Estate Market

This article from NY Times has lots of information. What I like best is the fact that if you not trying to buy outside your means, and a new home makes sense financially for your family, Go for it! That doesn't depend on the market. If you are trying to stretch dollars or are worried about the market trends and future, don't jump into anything you are not fully ready for. 

CLICK for NY Times article

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Aug. 12, 2020

Market Update July 2020

In July, the median sales price for homes sold in Ada County reached $390,000, inventory bottomed out at 743, closed sales hit a high mark at 1,402, and pending sales soared to 2,046.

There are a number of variables at play when it comes to home prices, but the bottom line is that buyer demand continues to outpace the supply of homes for sale. The existing homes that are available for purchase are often being listed and are selling at higher prices than what we saw in 2019. Our market has faced low inventory for years now, and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and recession have put even more pressure on the supply/demand relationship.

For the full article from Boise Regional Realtors CLICK HERE


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Aug. 10, 2020

Create a Happy Home

Who doesn't need a little more happy in their home? I can see the nook I would love to create in my bedroom...check out some of these other super simple ideas that utilize things you probably already have in your house

HGTV link to Happy Homes


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Aug. 5, 2020

The Homebuying Process

Have you purchased a home before? If you have, has it been years since you have done so? Either way, guess who has all the answers and expertise to answer all of your questions? We do! Hiring the right real estate professional not only ensures you are taken down the correct path in your home-buying process but ensures you are working with a professional who has your best interests in mind and works for you 100%.  




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July 29, 2020

How do I get the lowest mortgage rate?

Even though the rates have increased slightly over the past week, these 4 tips are still valid and will always help you to obtain the lowest mortgage interest rate possible when shopping for your next home. 

Click for full article from Yahoo News

Interactive Graph from Freddie Mac click here Freddie Mac


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